January 16, 2019 
CAPABILITIES: Board Governance

An organization can only be as effective as its leadership. The same care and consideration taken to build an effective board (or other leadership team) needs to be applied continually to its ongoing activities to ensure effectiveness. Board education, board development, well defined leadership responsibilities and the provision of accurate methods to measure success should be integral parts of any governance structure and operation.

Dynamis' representatives have extensive experience and expertise in governance activities, especially of not-for-profit organizations, healthcare and otherwise. Specifically, these services have included two–day overnight retreats; one day meetings with Board members, committee members and appropriate administrative and medical staff members; extensive interviewing, analysis, discussions and drafting of strategic plans; review and presentations concerning the constantly changing and expanding roles and responsibilities of not-for-profit Board members, specifically in light of the recent federal Sarbanes-Oxley law.

John Leech alone has conducted over 150 Board retreats/meetings during the past decade and is a recognized expert and leader in the legalities of not-for-profit governance activities. He has consulted with hospitals, systems and agencies, and designed appropriate governance structures to meet organizational needs in over 35 States throughout the Country. Since he is a lawyer, has served as a hospital Trustee for over 30 years and has been a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, he brings a unique combination of legal, community and regulatory expertise to clients seeking our advice on governance matters. In addition to Mr. Leech, Dynamis draws upon the experience of Vince Day, Vice President of Dynamis, for his knowledge concerning Board development activities and community involvement.

Dynamis includes governance consultation, along with other services if appropriate and requested, or we will design consultation services uniquely and specifically for clients’ demands.

Governance Manager:
                   John Leech, L.L.B., Principal
Senior Advisor:
                   Douglas Franchot, Principal

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