January 16, 2019 
SUCCESSES: Educational

Upon the subject of education, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in. That everyone may receive at least a moderate education appears to be an objective of vital importance.
~ Abraham Lincoln

University Campaigns

Dynamis designed and implemented a fundraising strategy that focused on enhancing the image of a well known University to become a "Destination University," enabling it to attract and retain preeminent faculty and students, to participate in the region's economic development through research and to enhance its image as a responsible community partner. Possibilities for attracting federal and philanthropic dollars were identified concerning the redeployment of an adjacent property purchased by the University in earlier years and the development of a major research entity for the University. Surveys were conducted with key administrators, deans and faculty members which identified recurrent themes, including the need for focusing on experiential learning, the need to connect the University with the community and securing support for developing the adjacent property. Specific suggestions included the development of a multi-disciplinary clinic where the University's students in all disciplines could work with community groups in their chosen fields. External communications revealed there were large partnership opportunities involving NASA, a community college and industry, and additional funding sources.

Satellite Colleges

A comprehensive satellite education center, complete with allied health training, nursing education, elderly and other social services was established with Dynamis' assistance through a creative alliance between a community development corporation, a prestigious community college, and the area's major healthcare provider. The opportunity arose when two major hospital systems merged and phased out acute care services at an older, inner-city location. Dynamis' architects and planners designed detailed drawings and neighborhood plans describing the potential transformation with the facility becoming the focus of neighborhood revitalization. As a result of this planning, the center is becoming home to more than 25 related tenant organizations, all sharing in the amenities and providing experiential learning opportunities for the college students. The center contains the community college's first and only satellite campus and was funded in part with the aid of a federal appropriation and a state loan/grant. To date, more than $5.3 million in federal, county and city grants and loans have supported the development of this project. A new grocery store was built on the retail strip located in front of the property and access to health, training and social services has improved. The Dynamis team is now engaged to continue assisting in developing and implementing charitable giving campaigns, identifying foundations and writing case statements to add financial support for a new culinary school to be built on the site.

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