January 16, 2019 
SUCCESSES: Health Care

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.
~ Anthony J. D'Angelo

New Hospital Development

When a healthcare network in an urban area announced its plans to build a new hospital facility outside city limits, it received a battery of negative publicity, damaging the system's ability to raise the necessary capital to build and equip the planned $125 Million replacement hospital. After a comprehensive interview process with internal and external stakeholders, Dynamis first developed a community-based plan to redevelop the former facility and property as well as an additional area outpatient facility as a means of building community support for the effort. These plans included the local community college leasing space at the hospital's community outpatient campus for a large expansion of its allied health-training program. This partnership between the health system and the community college has helped reverse the negative publicity and allowed Dynamis to coordinate fund raising strategies, now in the implementation phase. Through our efforts, financing and approvals were obtained for the construction of the new facility. In its first year, our client was successful in receiving $1,000,000 in federal funding. Dynamis helped form a new community advisory committee to implement the strategies for the transition of the current facility. In addition, our Vice President, Vince Day, assumed the role of Interim Executive Development Director of the client's foundation while the permanent position was being filled.

Improvement and Investment in Existing Facilities Capital Strategies

Located in rural areas in the same state, two hospitals in the same healthcare system required capital improvements to replace or improve aging facilities. Recent negative operating margins prevented large capital investments from its parent organization and the facilities could not sustain additional debt. Through a series of internal and external interviews, Dynamis helped link the future of these hospitals to the economic development strategies of the cities in which they were located. In one case, we helped create excitement for a new healthcare district. In another, we established a focus for attracting the senior retirement market. Plans are being implemented to expand the local community college's allied health programs at one of the hospitals. Dynamis developed a coordinated federal and charitable giving plan for each hospital. They, with Dynamis' support, are now actively pursuing the federal government for partial funding of their projects, as well as, leveraging this support to strengthen their local philanthropic efforts.

Clinical Information Systems

When Dynamis was engaged to assist a client interested in securing funding for both workforce development and the installation of a clinical information system, we completed two separate, yet related grant applications. The first involved negotiating a partnership between the client and a nationally known workforce development organization which enabled the submission of a $2M grant application to the United States Department of Labor. The second grant involved a Dynamis directed grant writing team to assist the client in seeking funding more directly associated with clinical information system (CIS) implementation.

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